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Made for people

Great digital products let people do the jobs naturally, seamlessly. We work on all the details that made it possible. And we code it too.

We’re innovators, designers and makers who push the limit by taking a people-first approach to innovation.

Instead of relying on biased inputs such as surveys and whitepapers, we observe and interact with people in their environment. We seek out “why, what, when and how” people currently do a particular task/job, how they fulfill that need at work and at home. After that, we explore how to improve people’s experience, and what are the business opportunities for our clients.

In collaboration with a client’s team, we imagine, rethink, communicate, and bring to life their services, their processes, and their core digital products.

Our clients are startups and larger businesses that need to reimagine the way they deliver customer value and empower their employees. To do this right, we consider the end-to-end user experiences of everyone involved in the process.

Service design & user experience

Together, we explore growth opportunities and innovation by reimagining what you do through a people-first lens. 

In service design, we examine what needs to be done to deliver a well-thought-out end-to-end experience. This means that we look beyond the customer or the end-user experience. We explore your processes, workflows and how everything fits together to deliver a stellar experience.

We use stories to bring to life visions of the future and guide the decision-making process.

Content strategy & storytelling

UX content moves people forward in the experience and supports them when they need help or reassurance.

With your team, we shape the end-to-end content experience with a content strategy that aligns with your business objectives, product vision, narrative and voice.

Our strength comes from our better understanding of people’s goals, concerns, fears and motivations as they use your digital product, as they search for information or shop for a solution.

Digital Product Development

We develop software delivered as online services or as applications, and on all sorts of devices. 

We’re in our element whether we do a DevOps project, or construct prototypes for a new connected object.

Getting user and employee feedback as we design, code and continuously deliver valuable software has always been our way of making digital experiences.

Examples of deliverables include:

  • user research
  • service blueprint
  • product vision and narrative
  • customer journey map
  • user stories
  • task models
  • roadmaps
  • organization’s backstage/internal processes
  • UX voice chart
  • UX writing
  • content strategy from marketing to after the sale
  • onboarding materials
  • training materials and sessions
  • buy-in presentations to the investors, executives, or employees
  • software design and architecture
  • SaaS applications
  • turn-key cloud-based applications
  • DevOps implementation
  • Connected objects
  • digital transformation
  • business intelligence
  • maintenance
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