Our Story

Arcades were popular when our founder Jerome Paradis was 12 years old. In his view, the best console games at the time were made by Activision. This is what inspired the name of his company. Kim became a co-owner a few years later.

We built our company on delivering innovative software that people and business owners love because it enables them to do the job more easily. We did that by observing how people work and understanding their goals and challenges.

A history for innovation

We have always been ahead of the curve. Back in 1998, we attended a major direct marketing conference where an analyst from Gartner (or Forrester) spoke about their predictions for the deployment of multi-channel commerce applications. They predicted that these features will start to become a reality two to five years later. We smiled. We already developed and implemented at our marketing-savvy clients most of the omnichannel commerce features that the Gartner’s analyst described as futuristic.

When Facebook opened their API to developers in 2007, we created Status Competition, a gamified precursor to Facebook likes and comments. We saw a need for people to share their feelings about the status posted by their friends. We added a gamification element to encourage people to use it often. And it worked! We grew to 12,000 users in 3 months from word of mouth alone. We maintained 40% monthly active users for over a year. All that with zero dollars and efforts put in marketing. Kim came up with the key feature that made it enticing for people. 

This quest for pushing the limit of what possible continues to animate what we do at work, and the maker projects we do at home.

About the founders

Jerome Paradis

A serial entrepreneur and CTO who wrote his first program at 7 years old. Jerome quickly knew that he would be a software developer when he grew up.

Jerome developed applications for many industries. This enables him to bring the knowledge and intricacies from one industry to another.

Kim Vallee

A lifelong learner, product-minded entrepreneurial individual who has been the voice of the user in the development team for 25 years. She is also an established blogger.

Kim is an innovation consultant and service designer with a proven track record in marketing, content strategy, education and brand storytelling.