About Us

Our founder, Jerome Paradis wrote his first program at 7 years old. He chose the name of its company, Paradivision, when he was 12. Jerome knew at a young age which career was right for him.

When Jerome was 12, arcades were popular. He passed many hours playing video games. He felt that Activision was making the best console games at the time. Inspired, Jerome decided to name his future company Paradivision. It is funny since we are now developing social games and Facebook applications with playful elements.

The Beginning

As a teenager, Jerome wrote home versions of arcade games just for fun and was hired to develop programs for businesses. That led him to register Paradivision in 1989. For a 6-year period, Paradivision was a side project while Jerome studied computer science at university and worked at Sobeco. In 1995, Paradivision became his full-time job.

Paradivision has always been ahead of the curve due to Jerome’s vision. We were called on our first Web mandates in 1996. We were developing custom CRM applications for our clients before the term was invented. We implemented multi-channel direct commerce systems for our clients years before it became mainstream.

For many years, ecommerce Web sites, CRM and multi-channel commerce applications made the core of our services. But we were ready to take on new challenges.


We were ready to solve new challenges for our clients when Web 2.0 and social networking applications grabbed our attention. In December 2007, we did a social experiment with our first Facebook application called Status Competition. We maintained 40% monthly active users over a one year period without any marketing.

There is still a whole world of possibilities to explore, to put to good use and to invent regarding Web 2.0 and social networking applications. We will be glad to help you create or to design and develop engaging social media and Web business applications. Dream it. We will build it.

Paradivision’s owners are active in the Web community. We are speakers at conferences and unconferences. We are blogging, tweeting, facebooking and educating the crowd about the opportunities made possible through social media. We are looking forward to help you tap into social networking.

Our office is located in downtown Montreal, QC, Canada. Have a look at our management team.