Web Applications for Business

Paradivision owns a vast experience in building custom Web applications. We can help you optimize your business operations and to better manage your workflow. Past and current mandates include projects for:

  • project management and monitoring
  • private jet charter customer service
  • the banking and energy markets
  • ecommerce: front-end and back-end operations.

More and more businesses are experiencing the advantages of opting for Web applications. We do not start from scratch since we do not believe in reinventing the wheel. Our custom Web applications are often based on a mash-up of Web tools or services that are put together to address your specific needs, plus custom development to fill the gap.

Current technology allows us to develop efficient user-friendly Web browser interfaces. We can bring the best practices in social networking like news feeds to better manage collaborative works or manage the work flow.

Opting for a Web application instead of a desktop application reduces maintenance costs and enables your employees to get access to the tools they need to do their job anytime, anywhere.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The main impact comes from application upgrades. They are no more wasted time of installed a new version on every computer. Also, when an employee gets a new computer is already set up to work.

Easy access

When your employees are on the road, at home or visiting a client, they have access to the Web application.

Dream it. Together, we will shape it and we will build it.