Our Services

Paradivision provides two types of services to businesses: expert advice and custom application development.

We concentrate on executing mandates for:

Expert advice

Start-ups and established businesses rely on Paradivision’s expertise to get external advice regarding their internal or third-party projects. Sometimes, we are called at the start of a project to coach your team about what is possible in social media applications, to teach your team how to design to tap into the social networks or to validate the concept.

Our consulting services range from creation or refinement of your concept, interface design, architecture definition to the selection of technological platforms. We can also review your code to improve the overall structure and set better standards for your code.

Be confident that Paradivision will tell you the things as they are. We want you to succeed.

Turnkey custom design and development

Businesses also hire Paradivision to create their Web applications. We are small, agile and efficient. Our development cycle starts with the interface that may be refined by building a prototype. Then, the coding stage can start. Quality assurance is a crucial element of our development skills.

As we develop your application, we give you access to successive iterations of the application. This method reduces the cost of any changes and allow everyone to validate that the application will meet the needs of the users before the end.

During the years, we gained in-depth knowledge of many industries including Entertainment, Arts, Virtual goods, Direct marketing, Call centers, Printing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Energy, Health care, Food and perishable goods, Banking, Event planning, Insurance and pension plans, Market research, Aviation, Government services, Media planning, etc.

Dream it. We will build it.