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What’s In The News – 2009.07.31 edition

July 31, 2009 Comments Off on What’s In The News – 2009.07.31 edition

I share here what grabbed my attention on the news about social media and technology. + If you are thinking of tapping into the social game industry, know that 1 In 10 Internet Users Buys Virtual Goods. According to a survey released yesterday, 12 percent of Americans said that they spent real money on virtual […]

Farm Town: an Under-the-Radar Facebook Social Gaming Success Story in the Making

May 6, 2009 18 comments

If you think the latest Facebook changes or the proliferation of Facebook applications and games make Facebook less potent as a social gaming platform, think again! Let’s take Farm Town, a recent social game on Facebook by SlashKey. As of today, the game has 4,778,781 monthly active users. From information gleaned from the developer and […]