How Marketers Will Use Social Media in 2010

Posted on December 21, 2009 by Kim Vallee

About 25% of marketers have matured from trying out social media to being strategic about it according to a recent survey called “2010 Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report” done by MarketingSherpa.

How They Plan to Spend their Money?

I read on eMarketing that 60% of the social marketing dollars next year will go toward staff salaries for activities such as blogging, content development and monitoring of social channels. Another two-fifths will be spent on outside help from agencies, consultancies and service providers.

We believe that content must be produced in-house so hiring your staff  is important. But brands need external help from social media experts to build an effective social media presence, to review and implement the best practices and to help them stay ahead of the curve. The outside help budget would be bigger for brands who want to get custom applications for Facebook, the iPhone or the Blackberry. Rules often changes; so you must account for that in your budget and deadlines. For example, running a contest on Facebook is subject to an approval process since November 2009.

Most Popular Social Media Objectives

With the splurge on email marketing to their in-house list that was evident this holiday, I am surprised that we do not see the in-house list or building a community of fans as a strategic marketing objective.

marketers’ social media objectives by usage phase

Industries that will Increase the Most their Social Media Marketing Budget

As you can see, retailer and e-commerce brands will increase the most their social media marketing budget followed by the publishing/media industry. I am surprised that the travel/leisure industry is not on the top 3.

+ via eMarketer

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