Cooking a Risotto Can Teach You How To Build an Online Community

Posted on August 16, 2009 by Kim Vallee

asparagus risotto recipe

This story is a quick lesson on building an online community. Repeat after me: it takes time and energy. You cannot expect to create an engaged community overnight. Every successful blogger will tell you, you built it one reader at a time. But big corporations often do not have that patience.

Many corporations put lots of money and resources in launching an initial campaign, get good results only to see their community fades away. It is common in the corporate structure to publish in one shot all the content they have. Big corporations act slower then the pace of the social media. Therefore, they are often unable to publish new content fast enough to encourage their readers/fans to come back. This is why I adviuce any new blogger to keep a few posts unpublished when they are starting out. But there is more to that.

On Social Media Today, Rachel Happe compared building an online community to making a risotto. When you are making a risotto, you add a ladle of water at a time, let the rice absorbs the water and then add more liquid. Our president, Jerome Paradis is an expert at making risotto. He cooks the best risotto I ever had. Jerome will tell you that you need to massage the rice as it absorbs the water. It is the same for building a community. You need to nurture it for it grows into something dynamic and engaging.

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