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Posted on August 18, 2009 by Kim Vallee

twitter iconLots of brands are thinking about being involved in social media. Where do you start? As a brand, you need to monitor, listen, respond to customers and engage with them.

Basic questions that any brand would ask before they start are:

  • How do I find the influencers on my market?
  • Which social networks my customer base are using and at which frequency?
  • How do you track all mentions of your brand?
  • How many resources it will take and who should do the job?
  • How do I track the effectiveness of my tweets?

You will find on Mashable, a list of Tweeter Tools for the Enterprise that can help you answer these questions. Start with the integrated Twitter search to track the mentions of your brand or a few keywords. You can saved the search requests on your Twitter account. Doing that saves you time.

I would add to Goggle what you are looking for as they are many small niche sites that gathered topic-related tweets or Tweeple. They give you a head start on who to follow.

The A/B testing tips using hashtags is a wonderful idea that is so simple to implement. Like Sudha Jamthe mentioned on Mashable, you can use it to test the effectiveness of your message, test what time and day brings you the best results or analyze the effectiveness on different audience segments.

+ Corporate Twitter Toolbox: Twitter Tools for the Enterprise by Sudha Jamthe on Mashable

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