Changing the Newspapers Mentality

Posted on August 16, 2009 by Kim Vallee

what's in the newsThe newspapers industry has known better days. They are the perfect example of an industry having problems coping with changes. They need to adapt to a new reality.

The fact of the matter is people consume news differently and from other sources than newspapers. I find it mesmerizing that they struggle to change in order to serve the public the way the public wanted to be served. By embracing the new technology and remember than their role is to deliver news, not a paper, they could see that the new reality provides them with lots of opportunity for growth.

I suggest these two excellent posts on the challenge of the newspapers industry:
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I only wrote about IDEO’s Innovative Ideas on the Future of Journalism on my social media blog. For three weeks, a team of media-savvy IDEOers met day and night, scribbled and scrapped ideas about the future of journalism. Pretty cool ideas emerged from this huge brainstorm session.

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