What’s In The News – 2009.07.31 edition

Posted on July 31, 2009 by Kim Vallee

I share here what grabbed my attention on the news about social media and technology.

+ If you are thinking of tapping into the social game industry, know that 1 In 10 Internet Users Buys Virtual Goods. According to a survey released yesterday, 12 percent of Americans said that they spent real money on virtual items in the last year. Via Information Week

+ One big news on the technology side was the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal to try to better compete against Google supremacy on the search engine market. You will find some key facts about the deal on Mashable.


+ Looking at the avatar of my friends, I say that that the “Mad Men Yourself” microsite launched Wednesday created attention for the AMC’s TV series. I am a fan of the show. People use the head shot as an avatar on Facebook or Twitter. You can also swell your body image on your iPhone or on your Facebook profile. Or if you are still into that, display the scene on your desktop.

+ One thing that I am not convinced yet that it was a worthy investment for Eight O’Clock Coffee. It is the brand that fuelled (i.e. sponsored) the microsite. AMC approached them to sponsor the Mad Men Yourself microsite. Out of curiosity, I am running a small Twtpoll at the moment to gauge if people have noticed the Eight O’Clock Coffee’s sponsorship. So far, no one answered Yes. I need more votes for a proper assessment. Voting will be open until August 1st. Vote or see the results at http://twtpoll.com/r/l4u99j

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