Our Ecommerce Years

Paradivision owns a deep insight on ecommerce site design and development. Since the beginning of the dotcom era, we knew that a catalogue and a shopping cart is just the tip of the iceberg. Running a successful ecommerce business demands so much more. Many challenges are found in the back-end operations of ecommerce.

Front-end Operations

We had the chance to work with savvy catalogers, merchants and marketers that push the boundaries of ecommerce. Our customers, many B2C and a few B2B merchants, have asked us to solve pretty complex front-end features. We automated intricate promotional campaigns, on-demand custom products, multilingual and multi-currency catalogue and reward point programs.

Back-end Operations

Many of our clients sell through multiple points of sale. They operate one or several online stores connected to internal or external call centers,  publish a print catalogue and run direct marketing campaigns. We developed a proprietary application suite to suit their needs. Our applications enable them to take online, phone and coupon orders, answer customer service requests, automate refunds and product exchanges, manage order fulfillment (handling and shipping), manage delinquent accounts and much more. For other clients, we integrated our ecommerce order process to external platforms.

For many years, ecommerce was the heart of our services. We still serve online merchants that started doing business with us early 2000s. They will continue to have our support.

Expert Advice Services

One thing that we noticed is that the front-end of ecommerce has not really changed over the years. It is still living in the Web 1.0 era.

We thought of innovative ideas where ecommerce could better tap into the social networks. If you interested in being a part of what is next in ecommerce, you could hire us to get our expert opinion.